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World of Tanks is an MMO featuring player vs player (PVP) tank battles. A player may choose tanks from various contries and the Tier I tanks are all free. Players gain experience points and coins through combat, winning grants greater rewards than losing, though even losing grants something. Experience points are used to learn new technologies that can be used to improve existing tanks as well as unlocking higher tank tiers. Coins can be used for a variety of things:

  • Purchase items unlocked by technology
  • Repair damaged tanks
  • Buy ammunition
  • Buy consumables
    • Repair Kits
    • First Aid Kits
    • Fire Extinquishers
    • and more!
  • Buy modules
    • Cammo Netting
    • Binoculars
    • ...quite a list

At the time of writing this, I have tanks for all countries at Tier V except the United States which is up to Tier VIII. While I enjoy this game, it can also be quite frustrating. Some tanks with operator skills improving camoflauge cannot be seen until they are nearly on top of you, this allows you to be killed while never identifying the shooter. Further, as with most games requiring cooperation, there are multiple types of players:

  • Follow Me! -- I know everything and you know nothing, you n00b, now follow me and don't get killed
  • Shut the hell up! -- !*&$(#$) you all are a bunch of losers...
  • Shhh -- ...
  • Cooperative -- Hey, if we take two tanks to the left flank...
  • MIA
Clearly, the arrogant and the annoying are not entertaining while you never know what the non-responsive guy is doing or thinking. The MIA guy is the one that enters the game but never even bothers to move his tank.

I don't play very often anymore, too much frustration and too many other things to do, though I still occaisionally play. I'd recommend this game for people that enjoy PVP and want to try tanks instead of people.

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