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Toy Soldiers is a WW1 Based Tower defense game. A Great Strategy game, its entertaining and will always keep you coming back hours after you play.

The game is challenging at some points like when soldiers sneak past reloading towers and bosses that are almost unbeatable. Its Plastic Soldiers are hilarious and are worthwhile to just watch as you burn them, blow them up, shoot them down, and even gas them. It's added feature in which you get to control your placements directly adds to the fun, in most levels it gives you either a tank or a plane/bomber. These are a fun addition to Tower Defense gaming. However there are some parts where The Inner Console in this comes out in but not too much. Co-op is also present as you can play both locally and online. Keep in mind this game isn't really one of those you will spend a lot of time playing, It’s more of an every once and a while game. Like if you want to play it in between as a break from all the serious games. It's one of those games you won’t play hours on end but instead is one that you play every so often. The waves of troops running to their inevitable doom against your towers as it pulls off the WW1 aspect amazingly. For me I give it a 9/10, a great game and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes strategy games and tower defense games, It is also an amazing game for those who like the genre of WW1 Games (which are rare!).

Review written by: Jonathan Lemcool

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