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Dragon Age: Origins is the first game in the Dragon Age Series. The main game takes place in the land of Ferelden, where your very own character is on a rather very important mission to save world from The Blight, which is pretty much a giant zombie apocalypse. DA:O is one of the greatest games I have ever played, the top 3 greatest RPGs I ever played. Up next to Skyrim even! When I first got the game I believed that the game was going to be boring, and the Combat would of sucked. After actually playing the game I realized the errors of my ways. The game controls exceptionally most of the time, with some minor bugs here and there. Whilst on your travels, you will meet many different companions (who you can decide to keep with you or kick them out at any point in the game), who are fully voiced and have an INCREDIBLE amount of dialogue. Characters can be romanced and have their own personal quest lines, as is the standard with Bioware's RPGs. The Lore in the series is fantastic, taking much inspiration from Christianity and other major religions to form is own religion which is constantly brought into question by events in the game. The character creation is a bit lacking, little variation or hair styles and such. You may also choose your own voices, and your character will often yell in battle, the violent character will sometimes yell "Can you get a ladder so you can get off my back?!" which I find hilarious. However it's slightly disappointing you don't get any voiced dialogue for your character.

There is not alot of variation in armor, as it's just simply shading. And as I've found it's a common feature in the Dragon Age Series. The same can also be said with weapons, as all that changes with the "God given Sword" that you get at say level 20 is the same model as the "rusty bandit training wooden sword" you find at level 1.

The game is very long, even without completing he side quests. And even then there are LOADS of DLC that you're able to get, adding more to the features! And from what I can tell, Awakening is almsot as long as the base game! which took me 3 Days to complete!! Even without the side quests!

Truly one of the greatest RPGS I've played in a long while.

Review written by: Jonathan Lemcool

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