Castleon is an RPG game based completely on nothing.

I began writing a game called "Castleon" back in 1983 with the assitance of one Thomas Wendland on a C-64! In 2007, I started writing a game by the same name for PC while travelling for business. I had plenty of time on flights and in the hotel at night to work on it. However, as with all such projects that I begin, I lose interest and move on to other things. This is no different. Every few years, I revive the code, bring it up to modern standards and, if still interested by that time, add a new feature or two.

This project started as create the framework and map builder with all logic abstracted from the display. The display can then be modified as desired to improve display quality. The current UI implementation is meant to be "placeholder" type work to verify the framework is actually functioning. There is much to do and it will likely never be a finished project.

At this time (Jan 4, 2015), there has been no other hands in the code but my own, no input into the game save my sons running it for a few minutes to see that it doesn't crash.

If you're interested in looking at it, visit Lemy Bytes Gaming:

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