Bound by Flame

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Bound by Flame is a roll playing game wherein the player takes on the persona of a person that has become infused with the spirit of a "demon" that is trying to restore the World Heart. The evil Ice Lords have been siphoning off the power of the World Heart to increase their own powers which has the negative impact of cooling the world. The Ice Lords send hordes of undead to defeat those that would stand in their way, and it is your mission to defeat them at all costs, even if it means allowing a demon to take over your body.

I have been thoroughly enjoying this game right up to the point where I was fighting a corrupted guardian of the World Heart. At this point, I've become frustrated with the frequency of knockdowns and knockbacks that prevent me from taking action. To combat the frustration, I'm taking a break from the game and may yet return to finish it.

Recommended for those who enjoy a good RPG without the frustrations involved by coordinating with other people.

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