Lemcool Family Website

Welcome to the Lemcool Family Home Page.

I have very little motivation to update this site, but I do so from time to time. It is, and shall always be, in a perpetual state of flux. It may appear more or less complete, depending upon what you are expecting, but I will be adding more content as waves of motivation wash over me! I spent the bulk of my day working on websites and database where I get paid to do so leaving little desire to spend what free time I do have working on this one.

Most recent update removes all the ads. Google, in their infinite wisdom, decided my site doesn't have enough "relevant" content and, therefore, doesn't qualify for ads. Fortunately, my experiment yielded the necessary learning and it doesn't matter that I can no longer display ads.

Even though this says "family" website, it's really my website with pictures of the family. I've invited them to provide additional content, but there seems little interest.

If you've seen anything interesting, you may want to periodically come back to see what's new.

Latest Castleon Update: 2/8/2015

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Latest Game Review Update: 01/12/2015

Latest Blog Post: 12/29/2014